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Jul 1, 2012 6:30pm EDT
those younger children were no in the car. >>> could take us a while to get over this. this was one of the worst storms we can remember. we had the lightning and rain and wind. . >> reporter: the sound of chain saws hard at work. that's the sound most baltimore areas are hearing after friday's storm. here in east baltimore bruce and martin have been working hard all day cleaning up the debris. >> we had two tree limbs down on the ground. i look in the back, there's tree limbs on the powerlines. we've been without power for 2 days now. >> reporter: as you drive around the city, you will notice blinking traffic lights, this sign says welcome to the park. here look at the size of this tree across rogers avenue blocking both directions of travel. transformers on the ground, wires are down and residents like mrs. woods heard that familiar sound. >> when i heard that oak tree smack, i ran to the basement. we have no way of getting offer the -- out of the community at home. every street was closed from liberty heights. we were boxed into our community. trees were down. trees on homes and cars
Jul 29, 2012 6:30pm EDT
incident and in 2006 the first defibrillator was donated and it was used today. we did feel the hand of conner reaching down and heching this little boy. this family is going to have the school year to plan instead of a funeral. >> all l pools in the county must have defibrillators now and this machine saved this boy's life. amy was there when things unfolded. before the adults ran there was a loud scream and the lifeguard, i saw him rescuing a little boy and putting him up on the pool deck and immediately did cpr. amy and all parents are pleased that the lifeguards and with the use of the defibrillator were able to save this little boy. >> 3 people set in a hot spot. they get in the car and start driving around the parking lot shooting from the car hitting a police officer. as the white honda left the gal lack si night club, police were able to pull the car over and a gun was recovered. this is the fifth time in a little over 3 months that a prince county police officer has been either shot at or shot. >> tomorrow you're going to see the red hair and the blank stair again. james hol
Jul 22, 2012 6:30pm EDT
together. we're not going to let this one incident bring us down. >> all right live from colorado, thank you very much for that report. >>> as each hour that passes brings new images and know details about the man police say opened fire. abc 2 news has uncovered exclusive video that james holmes gave to a group of students. >> reporter: stunning new images of suspect james holmes an exclusive video and photos obtained by abc 2 news. this is video of holmes talking to students at a science camp in san diego. discussing what he calls illusions. >> the then 18-year-old holmes appears slightly nervous. >> the study of subjective experience which is what's placed inside the minded as a opposed to the external world. >> reporter: as new details emerge about holmes residents of aurora are still trying to draw up what happened. president obama heads to console a grieving community. >> it's like whoever thought this would immediately affect my family. when they see other shootings. they think, oh my gosh, i can't imagine what those families are going through. >> reporter: the suspect, jame
Jul 15, 2012 6:30pm EDT
darkening sky overhead right now. take a look at the camera. around us a lot of thunderstorms. we'll track each and every cell on abc2news at 6:30. >>> you know we all look for great deals and many teams that means using coupons. a giant counterfeit coupon ring has been busted in arizona. three women are facing charges, a first of its kind, a multimillion dollars scam, the largest case ever. >>> when police in arizona raised this house, they hit the jackpot. they found a camaro and cadillac, a huge speed boat, they found more. the alleged source of these riches, this paper. counterfeit shopping coupons worth 25 to $30 million. >> this is the largest counterfeit coupon arrest that has occurred in the industry. >> police say this ring of counterfeit earnings in arizona was headed up by this woman robin ma rear rez. >> she over the past 12 months profited approximately $2.2 million. >> phony discount coupons like these are flooding the country and she is accused of selling millions of dollars of fake coupons on this website. they were mass produced outside the country but these counters
Jul 8, 2012 6:30pm EDT
down to the south of us. it is an improved seven-day forecast, coming up at 6:30. >>> a dramatic tractor trailer crash in ohio, and it's all caught on tape. that brakes went out while getting off an exit in akron. the driver told police his load shifted when making a left turn. a woman witnessed the crash and jumped into action by breaking the window and helping the female passenger get to safety. both are doing okay tonight. >>> an oklahoma reporter becomes part of the story he was covering. he was reporting on a fight when he literally found himself in the cross-fire. the reporter had to go to the hospital and was not seriously hurt. >> now maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> another hazy day across the city and we hit 100 degrees once again hitting a record set in 1993. we had a severe thunderstorm watch earlier, but everything is passing off to the south and the west. another hot spot in ocean city where we were in the upper-90s. also chesapeake beach saw some action today as people soaking up some sunshine this afternoon. we still have that severe thunderstorm watch u
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5